Georgina Food Pantry

Back in 1985, active members of the faith community were concerned about the growing level of poverty in Georgina, and decided to help out by establishing a food bank for Georgina residents.  A committee was formed and the initial search for a location began. 

In the Spring of 1986, an old, unused barn at the corner of Metro Road and Dalton Road (in Jackson’s Point) was offered – rent free. Although the building had no heat, that was not a concern in the spring and summer of 1986. 

All the churches sent volunteers, and teams were created to prepare the building. Other teams collected and sorted food donations. Others stocked the newly created shelves in the barn. Donations came in from the churches and individuals, as well as the single grocery store in Sutton at the time, the IGA.

The Queensville Player’s Alf Judd has been a participating member of both organizations for many years. He advocates for food donations, and offers our final performance 50/50 draws earnings to the Food Pantry.

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